hey kid i love you
Im Lindsay Nicole Harvey im 20 and I go to UArts I ive life the way I want to and I guess some people have a problem with it but thats ok with me. I love dance its apart of me with out dance I dont know who I would really be. Im a hopeless romantic and I wouldn't change that for the world I know one day I will meet the right guy. It may not look like it but i love country and camo. hahah florida girl at heart bitches get crunk

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Puppy growing up, no hesitation on the second jump. [video]

Look me in the eyes

When he looks at me I smile
I don’t know why but he makes me nervous very


So today josh came and picked me up and we just went to the mall and sat and talked and then drove to milan il and talked in the car and what not and I had a really good time just laughing and talking about what not idk he made me smile and right now im waiting for him to text me again cause he is at work. 

yea I know im in a relationship but i dont really wanna be but i hate being alone and colin actually wants a life with me so do i fuck that up for the unknown or what ahh id what to do 



me lol